Here comes the next wave of cord-cutting

A little more than four years ago, I wrote my first of many weekly columns about cord-cutting for TechHive, proclaiming that this was the start of a golden age.Things were different back then. Netflix and Amazon Prime were just getting big enough to become a real threat to cable companies and TV networks. Traditional TV subscriptions were still growing, but at a slower rate than in previous years. Networks like HBO and CBS were starting to think about their own streaming services, but Sling TV, the first bundle of live TV streaming channels, wouldn’t launch until the following year.To read this article in full, please click here …

Best Halloween cult classic movies for streaming

Sometimes Halloween is best when we get nostalgic and remember our past costumes, past sojourns at trick-or-treating, past jack-o-lanterns, and past viewings of scary movies. The following 20 streaming selections are re-watchable horror movies from days gone by, or, perhaps, waiting for a few fresh, innocent viewers. In any case, get ready for somnambulists, vampires, killers, monsters, mutants, demons, and giant bugs! Happy Halloween!The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
(Amazon Prime, Kanopy, TubiTV, Fandor)
Kino Lorber
Robert Wiene’s essential The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) is an unquestionable landmark in cinema, influencing everyone from Murnau and Lang to Hollywood filmmakers of the 1940s. Rather than attempting to capture “realism,” which was the general method of the time, Wiene went the opposite route, slathering the screen with forced perspectives and all kinds of bizarre diagonals and slants; there is hardly a right angle to be found in this film. It results in vivid, dreamlike logic and a terrifying lack of control.To read this article in full, please click here…

The live TV streaming issue no one’s talking about

One thing I’ve learned from writing about cord-cutting is that people are particular about their DVRs. If a streaming service’s DVR doesn’t provide the same creature comforts as cable set-top box, it can be a dealbreaker.Case in point: I recently heard from a reader who’d successfully cut cable in favor of DirecTV Now, only to become frustrated with how the service handles ad skipping. While DirecTV Now puts no restrictions on recording shows or jumping past commercials, it offers no visual preview of what you’re skipping when you hit fast forward. Without this visual preview, skipping past commercial breaks requires a lot of trial and error.I decided to dig into the matter, and I discovered that visual preview is a nuanced and occasionally vexing issue in the world of live TV streaming services. The ability to skip past commercials with ease can depend not only on which service you choose, but on the device you’re using and even the button you press to fast forward on your remote. After a whole bunch of testing, here’s what I’ve learned. To read this article in full, please click here…

Thirteen modern classics to stream for Halloween

It’s Halloween time again, and if you’re a horror movie fan, you might be tired of the same old thing and hoping for some fresh blood this year. In Part One of our annual Halloween streaming movie guide, we’re offering a selection of recent movies, from all different sources of dread (from djinns to zombies), as well as a suggestion for a double-feature pairing for each selection. This should provide many hours of mood-setting chills leading up to the holiday itself (and to our upcoming cult classics list), so, until then… sweet nightmares!Dead Shack 
Magnolia Pictures
This spirited, silly horror movie—a Shudder exclusive—isn’t particularly original or scary, but Dead Shack (2018), with its memorable, grindhouse-like title, has enough charm to be worthy of a viewing by genre fans. Shy, awkward Jason (Matthew Nelson-Mahood) is invited by his best friend, the abrasive, insulting twit Colin (Gabriel LaBelle) to join Colin’s family on a little vacation in a cabin in the woods. Jason has a little crush on Colin’s acerbic sister, Summer (Lizzie Boys), and his attempts to be kind to her are met with jokes. Colin and Summer’s father Roger (Donavon Stinson, quite funny) is a middle-aged goofball who only wants to get drunk with his cute new girlfriend, Lisa (Valeria Tian).To read this article in full, please click here…

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