Roku will ship its first wireless speaker in October and surprise! It’s not a soundbar

Roku is building a pair of wireless speakers to go with smart TVs that use its Roku operating system. Somewhat surprisingly, the two-way speakers—one tweeter and one woofer in each cabinet, driven by Class D amplifiers—are discrete left and right units rather than a monolithic soundbar.Lloyd Klarke, Roku’s director of product management, explained why Roku is moving into the TV speaker market in a conversation last week: Flat-screen TVs are too thin to accommodate large speakers, the speakers are often mounted too close together, and the combination of pumped-up commercials and quiet passages in movie and TV show soundtracks have viewers constantly adjusting the volume. Klarke said the most common solutions—A/V receivers and a soundbar—are too expensive and too complicated. To read this article in full, please click here …

Best media streaming devices

Table of Contents Show More Whether you’ve just gotten rid of cable or want to supplement your TV package with online video, now’s an excellent time to buy a media streaming device. Compared to the typical smart TV, standalone streamers such as the Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon Fire TV tend to have bigger app … Read moreBest media streaming devices

Amazon Fire TV Cube review: Neat hardware, but Alexa can’t keep up

Shortly after setting up Amazon’s Fire TV Cube streaming box, I temporarily lost the remote control. In theory, this shouldn’t have been a problem. Amazon says its $120 Fire TV Cube is primarily a hands-free device that you can control with Alexa voice commands, and I knew Alexa would at least let me turn on … Read moreAmazon Fire TV Cube review: Neat hardware, but Alexa can’t keep up

Best DVR for cord cutters

Table of Contents Show More Here’s the hard truth for cord-cutters right now: The ideal over-the-air DVR doesn’t exist. While some products are better than others, all of them—from Tablo to TiVo to HDHomeRun with Plex—have at least one critical weakness. If you want to record broadcast TV channels from an antenna, you must decide … Read moreBest DVR for cord cutters

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